Prolozone Therapy

What is Prolozone?

Prolozone is a technique that was developed by Dr. Frank Shallenberger in the 1990s that involves the injection of a liquid solution made up of procaine, minerals, vitamins and homeopathic remedies into painful areas of the body. Then, the areas are injected with ozone leading the therapy to be used to treat pain of any kind.

Prolozone injections break the cycle of pain and the problem that was caused in the first place in the following ways:

  • Procaine re-polarizes injured cell membrane.
  • Anti-inflammatory medications reduce the inflammation and swelling. Increased circulation is a result.
  • Areas are then treated with vitamins and minerals, which are critical for oxidation.
  • Ozone acts to improve oxygen utilization.

The result is then tissues getting what they need to heal! As they heal, the circulation to the original area is re-established.

This therapy has been used to treat many chronic neck and back pain, rotator cuff injuries, degenerated discs, plantar fasciitis, degenerative and arthritic knees and hips, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ, sciatica, heel spurs, neuromas, tennis elbow, chronic and acute sinus infections, dental infections, scars, any sports injury, etc.

The best part is that about 75% of chronic pain sufferers who undergo this therapy become permanently pain FREE!

Prolozone Testimonial from a Healthcare Professional

I am a 48 year old healthcare professional and I’ve suffered with right knee pain for 3-4 years.  Rest, ice and stretching only helped the pain short term, all the while the pain intensity grew with each passing month.  Forget about being active on a knee that you simply cannot depend upon.  My weight grew and the knee pain intensified further. 

I went to the orthopedist, who took x-rays and showed my the spiculated bone spurs underneath my knee cap.  He explained that every step would create inflammation to the knee and that the pain was something I’d need to learn to manage and he, of course, could help with that. His plan was to keep my pain managed until I was old enough to have the knee replaced.  I’ve had a series of steroid injections, as well as expensive gel shots.  Neither course of care provided relief longer than a few days and never took the pain away completely. On top of that, my limited knee function was unchanged.

Something really needed to change and change soon with my knee, so I began investigating alternatives to the status quo treatment options.  This led me to read about Prolozone and the natural benefits of ozone injections into the knee.  The more I read, the more encouraged I became, but needed to find the right provider.

I chose Beth, because she is the only wellness/healthcare provider anywhere locally to be trained by Dr. Shallenberger, who is the pioneer and developer of the protocols and techniques that are used by Prolozone providers.  To me, this was a huge plus and I’m thankful that I found her.

The staff is kind and giving and supportive in your times of pain and need, as well as your biggest cheerleader and fan when you achieve your goals.  Beth would inject my knee without any pain and was so precise in the needle placement.  We always hit our mark.  And Beth can tell you about all the hand holding they had to do with the wimpiest patient ever.

My first injection was life changing for me.  I left the office without pain for the first time in God knows when.  I had a total of 5 injections to reach a point of preventative maintenance with each injection building on the improvements of the previous one.  

With my new knee, I have lost 25 additional pounds, began walking and lifting my kettlebells again.  I can do squats and lunges with my right knee that before I wouldn’t even attempt.

By far this is the best thing that I ever did for my knee health.  This office provides “one of a kind” care given in a friendly and knowledgeable manner.  I highly recommend them.

Jay E. Young, D.C., R.S.O., c.B.C.T.

Easley, S.C.  

Practitioner Beth Ledda with Dr. Frank Shallenberger
Practitioner Beth Ledda with Dr. Frank Shallenberger